N.J. Mastro writes historical fiction and recently completed a novel, Vindicated: The Story of Mary Wollstonecraft, a fictional account of the woman widely considered the world's first feminist.


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GraceWilburTrout_drivingsuffragists thro

Grace Wilbur Trout driving suffragists through downtown Chicago, June 4, 1910.


American Women in the 20th Century, Part I: 1900-1949 


A self-published e-book (PDF format) by N.J. Mastro available as a free download to subscribers. 


  • 75 short profiles of women in the first half of the 20th century who left an indelible mark on America​.

  • Text includes hyperlinks to expanded biographies online from a variety of historical and other sites of interest.

  • Fascinating reading for anyone interested in women's history.

  • Especially ideal for classroom instruction regarding women's history at the middle and high school levels.